Project: AMUPADH, Activity Monitoring and UI Plasticity for supporting Ageing with Mild Dementia at Home.

Peacehaven testing phase - April 20th 2011

The video below shows the results from our first testing phase in a nursing home environment. It was deployed in Peacehaven, a nursing home of the Salvation Army in Singapore. The environment is genuine but users are still acted by our researchers. The demo is followed by an highlight of the Q&A session. Following the positive results, our team is embarking on a longer period of trial.


TechFest'10 - September 28th, 2010

The first public project demonstrator was deployed for TechFest'10 exhibition, an open lab initiative organized by I2R and hosted in the Fusionopolis tower. The video of this demonstrator posted below illustrates the potential of ambient assistive technologies at a proof of concept level. The simple use-case demonstrated for TechFest was to guide an elderly to have a drink...