April 2nd, 2015

"From Expert to Crowdsourced Interactive Segmentation" by Axel CARLIER

Crowdsourcing has become a common way to gather all kinds of annotations. In this talk, I will speak about the challenges that arise when assigning a task to a crowd of users instead of a few experts. I will illustrate these challenges on the particular case of  interactive segmentation, using an interface we have developed in the team, Click'n'Cut.

"Automatic Recognition of Spontaneous Smiles" by Nizar OUARTI

Recognition of subtle facial expressions is an emerging area of research. In this presentation, we will present a technique to differentiate spontaneous and posed smiles.

"Ontology-based Statistical Reasoning" by Thibaut TIBERGHIEN

Semantic Reasoning is a major technology for the driving of Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living systems. It however remains very sensitive to the noise present in its knowledge base. I will talk about a new complementary approach to perform semantically-grounded statistical reasoning, which could tackle this issue and pave the way for future multimodal reasoning techniques.