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Nazha Selmaoui-Folcher
Associate Professor HDR in Computer Science

ISEA Lab - Institute of Exact and Applied Sciences, University of New Caledonia 

I was the leader of a multidisciplinary laboratory on material and environment from 2012 to 2016 (PPME EA 3325). I currently teach Computer Science and Mathematics. I was the coordinator for the national project FOSTER (funded by the French contract ANR-COSINUS in Big Data) dedicated to Knowledge Discovery on Spatio-temporal Databases and Application to Soil Erosion. i participated in other projects in CNRS big data (MASTODONS). I'm a member of LABEX-CORAIL a laboratory of excellence, funded by French Agency. I received my Ph.D degree in 1992 from the Institut National des Sciences Appliqués at Lyon, France and my Habilitation Degree in 2012 from University of Lyon I. 

Topics of interest: 

Data mining, data analysis, knowledge discovery in datasets, spatio-temporal pattern mining, clustering, use of pattern in supervised classification, supervised classification, image analysis, segmentation
pattern recognition, machine learning, deep learning, domain driven data mining, feature construction, temporal image analysis and mining, satellite images, environmental data monitoring, health data analysis and survey analysis


2015-2018 - Contribution to CNRT (National Center for Research and Technology) Dynamine: " Metal Dispersal from the Mine to the Lagoon".2015-2018