VHP Inter@ctive - Heathcare and Autonomy at the Living Place

Patients with diabetes type 2

SPIE Communication


Executive summary

The ambition of VHP-inter@ctive is to demonstrate the economic viability of a new service offer, around a mutualized plateform, able to respond « à la carte » to the needs of fragilized and dependent people, by remaining flexible enough to adapt to various contexts.

In particular, reinforcing the care on the life place, at home or in a nursimg home (EHPAD - établissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes), of the people with chronic diseases, in their education, the risc prevention and their heathcare, due to innovative teleservices represent a major challenge.

Associate, beyond all corporatist or partisan cleavage, all the actors of the value-added chain, to set-up a multi-regional adaptable demonstrator, allowing its extension to other chronic pathologies and the deployment to all regions of the French national territory.

Focusing around the diabetes type 2 pathology, in constant and worying progression nowadays.